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User Defined Strategies Early Beta



This is a tool designed to allow users to specify custom algorithms for diagnosis and treatment of TB. To use this tool, follow these steps:

  1. Open the "TB Diagnosis Section" by clicking on the arrow.
  2. Enter a diagnostic algorithm for each of the four different types of patients shown. The default algorithm is sputum smear only.
  3. Open the "Drug Susceptibility Testing" by clicking on the arrow.
  4. Enter a DST algorithm for people who test positive for TB with each of the strategies shown in the TB Diagnosis section.
  5. Click "run" to see results.

Please note that, while we have provided some standard tests (described in the upper right-hand box), it is also possible to define tests of your own using the boxes on the lower right. To do this we have provided three user defined diagnostic tests and one DST test; enter the characteristics of each user-defined test and click "Save Test" to add that test to the possible options for TB diagnosis or DST.

TB Diagnosis Section

Please specify the DST test to be performed as a results of a positive test from the second menu.

The base model assumes that all people diagnosed with TB by GXP or culture will be treated as MDR-TB if the rifampin result is positive (and with first-line drugs if TB is diagnosed without rifampin resistance), and it assumes that all people diagnosed with TB by smear, LAM, or user-based tests will be treated with first-line drugs. The model will then assume that treatment is offered on the basis of the results of the confirmatory DST for rifampin resistance.

Patient TypeTest1Test2% treated empirically if tests 1 and 2 negative
HIV-, New

Smear (None)

None (None)

HIV+, New

Smear (None)

None (None)

HIV-, Prev. Treated

Smear (None)

None (None)

HIV+, Prev. Treated

Smear (None)

None (None)

* - If Chest X-Ray (CXR) is chosen for Test1, Test2 is executed if the CXR result was positive; all other options will execute Test2 if and only if Test1 is negative.

Diagnostic Test Descriptions

We have pre-populated this tool with certain standard tests; in this section we describe their model inputs.

User Defined Tests

This feature allows you to build custom tests within the framework of this model

Please click on a test to alter the details

User Test 1

User Test 2

User Test 3

User Defined DST